Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Settling back

Since I came back from my overseas trip, I haven't had any strong urge to write a blog post about pretty much anything. While I was traveling, I wanted to write about many different things, and had few ideas about what I'd post first and what I'd be saying in them, but strangely, the desire has quietened down a lot.

Or... maybe I'm just not as depressed as before and require less "venting" than before. I don't wish to give up writing, and in fact, I've registered to attend "The Faithful Writer" conference the other day, so I should get back into writing habit again, just like I am doing right now.

I should remember that I don't have to post up the good stuff all the time, but relax a bit more. I hope you as a reader would also understand my lax attitude about blogging from now on.

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