Monday, 29 October 2007

Fire Chicken (Bool-dahk)

Those Korean friends of mine would know what I mean by "Fire Chicken". It's a Korean dish that is made of chicken with super hot chili sauce.

Yes, I had it yesterday with some friends, and I tell you, having that dish is not just eating, but the whole body experience.

It looks so hot when you see it.
It smells so spicy when you smell it.
And your first bite, it makes the whole mouth burn and soon it's not hot or spicy, but only pure pain.
Your eye starts going watery with the pain.
Your face may be covered with sweat (if you are sweating type).
When you swallow that piece, you can feel it in your stomach, as if there's a burning coal in your tummy.
Oh, and you might start hearing things like some whistling sound in your ear (but it depends on people. Your mileage may vary).
And even the day after, when you go to toilet, it'll give you the ring of fire (if you know what I mean...)

Gosh, that's just so painful, but somehow it's worth once in a while just for this whole painful experience. mmm... once in a very long while that is.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Slow internet

My internet connection at home has gone very slow since Wednesday. I didn't think I used up the download limit yet... surely not...

My blogging activity is somewhat suffering too as consequence.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Bible bash me, please...

I know, I know... that was a catchy title, and considering how that phrase "Bible-bash" has been used normally, it is a strange title, too.
But these days, I've been hearing too many "Bible-talks", "sermons", or "preachings" that have so little Bible in it, or perhaps even worse, twist meaning of a passage, or press one's own view too hard that it does not sound consistent with the rest of the Bible any more. I call that "bashing the Bible."

If you asked me, I'd prefer getting "bible-bashed" by a preacher than hearing someone "bashing the Bible" any day.

Of course I don't mean that we can be irrelevant in preaching, but seriously, think about it, when you get the Bible right, you can't be irrelevant!


Michael Spencer has commented on current "main stream" worship in evangelical churches here. Worth a read.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Back from camp...

I've been away at my church camp just over the weekend.
Tired, but the fellowship with people is always encouraging. Unfortunately, I didn't take a camera so I don't have any photos yet. Dang...

Friday, 12 October 2007

To preach is to condemn...?

I never knew about Ann Coulter before, and a quick Goolgling about shows that I'll have to hold off my opinion about her. But this interview was an interesting (dare I say, entertaining?) one. Internetmonk has written a great comment on it here.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Pray for me

"Pray for me."

That's what I said to a friend on our way home from a harbour cruise.
It was almost 10 years ago.
It was also the very first time I was totally intoxicated with alcohol. I wasn't even able to sit properly (I was on the bus next to my friend).

While I was so drunk that I couldn't handle my own body, and my mental ability degraded to only a little above that of a mere infant, I said "pray for me."

It is still strange to me that I said such a thing when I was drunk and to a friend whom I barely started to know.
Yet, as I look back on that moment, it appeals more and more as an example of God's faithfulness.
I remember myself being exhausted from daily routines (how ever mundane they were is not important) and pressure I and people around have put me to. Drinking, while I did not know how deep the hole was, was definitely an attractive escape route.

But, while I took the matters to my own hand rejecting to trust and obey Him, God still protected and led my life proving His faithfulness to His Word and His people. Those words I spoke to my friend asking to pray for me were not the proof that I was trusting God so much that I knew prayer was what was needed. Rather, I believe it was God who knew my short-comings and He knew my needs. "Pray for me" wasn't a much a plea to my friend, but to God who remained sovereign in all things including my life. As I was feeling so weak and helpless because of intoxication, it was only a natural response that could come out of a God's elect child as His Spirit worked in even at such a moment.

After all these years, I am being reminded of that moment more and more especially in recent days.
I don't get drunk like that anymore. I could say I've learned my lessons now. But my disbelief in God's sovereign grace, that God has got everything under His gracious control, still leads me to look for some other escape routes, namely, books, TV, internet, games, whatever.

Perhaps it is time that I start asking again. "Pray for me."
May the Lord be merciful to me.