Monday, 31 March 2008

A little annoyed, but kind of in a good way: about counselling.

Although I was laughing by the end of it, at first, I was slightly annoyed by this video posted on Tim Challies's blog. Tim's thoughts following from the video was fair enough. But the video itself annoyed me because not all our life problems are as trivial as this video shows them to be. I believe the pain and suffering of the most of those who seek professional counselling are real and serious. I believe many people do not seek professional counselling at the first sight of a problem. They try to deal with their problems themselves first, and often for a long time before they knock on a counsellor's door. Tragically, some don't even make that far. Many of these people, I believe, had been struggling valiantly with their real and serious, sometimes even life-threating issues. And for them, even making an appointment and showing up to a counselling session in itself is another step they had to take as part of their fight for survival, a humbling confession that only a desperate person can make, yet it requires tremendous strength within, for without the strength, one cannot humble himself enough to admit he needs help. That is why some of those people who really need help do not seek help. I am not intending to say badly of them, I am simply saying that it is incredibly hard to even seek professional help such as counselling when things get really rough.

Having said that, however, this video did have merit, or usefulness, in my opinion. Just for some, this video might prove to be useful as a check-up. Just promise me you will remember, the advice I give in the following is entirely based on my own limited experience only and not on any proper research at all. So you will do well to take this with a grain of salt.

Watch the video:

1) If you watch this video and can laugh, you are probably healthy enough emotionally. Just make sure you do not dismiss real problems some people have to deal with too easily and be sensitive sensible with them.
2) If you are slightly offended or annoyed like myself, you might be a little depressed, so take care of yourself. Whether you need a professional counselling or not is probably up to you at this point.
3) If you are greatly offended and always offended whenever you think about this video, I'm sorry that it offended you, but it might be wise to talk to a professional counsellor.


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