Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Pray for women

I'm weary of woman's right activists as they are often tainted with godless feminism. But there's no reason why we, men should shy away from protecting women. No, it is biblically imperative that men should cherish and protect women, not just the rights of women. Around the world, many women are subjected to unjust treatment from men, from infidelity of husbands to abandonment through divorce, from domestic violence to gender-selective abortion, the ways men manifest their disregard for women's welfare, which stems from their disregard for God, vary widely. Here's an old news showing one of them.
In Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, the number of acid attacks have been rising - and there are some facts now beyond dispute.
The largest numbers of victims come from the poorest backgrounds and are women who have rejected their husbands, employers or would-be boyfriends.
The attack is not committed in a fit of anger or "passion" as is popularly believed but is premeditated and intended to kill or maim.
The attacker's message in no uncertain terms is that if you can't be mine, you won't be any one else's either.

Pray for those women in South Asia, no, actually, pray all the more for men in South Asia and all around the world, that many godly and masculine men will rise up to protect and cherish women all over the world.


Sharon said...

I agree!! Men aren't women. They don't need the prefix in front of their sex to make them shy away from their responsibilities.

Sharon said...

But I am also biased. It's something I want to see. Why don't a lot of men feel the same way? Is it because it's their responsibility and not ours (women's)?

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

Since the Fall, all people have become irresponsible, have tendency to twist and hide the truth. People, both men and women, have perverted views of manhood and womanhood, and I am not an exception. We can only pray to God that we as Christians will grow in the knowledge of God that what God has revealed in the Bible will make impact on our worldviews so that we will grow to be man and woman of God more and more as the Day approaches.