Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The best writing tip I heard in recent days.

Just read Five Words You Can Cut at the DWT
In short, beware of using the following five words: "just", "really", "quite", "that", and "perhaps".
Considering how often I tend to use those five words, probably because I am too defensive most of the time, it's just the tip that I really needed to hear and put into practice perhaps. ;-)

Hopefully I will remember this tip and write more concise yet convincing sentences from now on.

"The daily writing tips" is a great site for such helpful tips, go check it out yourself.


Anonymous said...

I have a terrible habit of using, "just." I sort of realized that one. Perhaps, I should really be on the alert for the others, just in case I use them too much.

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

Hello, Mr. Brauns! I see you have a new ID! I was wondering who this guest was. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I finally figured out the OpenID thing - - which is easier - -but, less personal.