Wednesday, 31 December 2008

No secret anymore, I'm unemployed.

Yes, as the title of this post goes, it is no longer a secret. I am unemployed.
It's been three weeks since I suddenly joined the rank of the unemployed by the force of the global economic downturn. My role at work was made redundant, and I was given a sudden and unexpected notice of termination of employment. On the 11th of December, I was given the notice, and that was the last day I worked.

Shock! Confusion! Frustration!
These are the three words that would explain the feelings I had for the past three weeks.
Shock, because it was simply so unexpected and sudden for me.
Confusion, because I was confused as to what I was to do next and wasn't sure what to do with my to-do list which seemed out-of-reach because of the financial uncertainty I was faced with.
Frustration, because of the sheer uncertainty, although, now I come to think of it, certainty is an illusive or even imaginary thing always, except when it is about God's truths.

Now three weeks have passed, the initially upset dust is mostly settled, yet, I still do not have a clear vision of what I will be doing, or need to do. It's as though the dust has set on my pair of glasses, that even though I am not choking on the dust, my sight is no better than before.

For those of you who know me, please pray for me that I may cling to God more strongly than before. I have had this strange sense of hiding from God for a while, especially since I was out of job. I sense some kind of resentment and fear brewing in myself. Please pray for God's healing hand over my pricked heart.
Also, please pray that God will show me a clearer path for me to follow, a picture if you like, that includes my job and/or ministry, study, and even relationships and marriage.

May the grace of God rest on you as well.


ronclick said...


You are in my thoughts and prayers as Abba Father leads you to greater trust in Him. Encouraging you,too,that God will providentially provide for your needs.

In His grip,


Timothy Wonil Lee said...

Thanks, Ron. Your words brought encouragement and I expect God to grant me a greater faith as you pray for me.

Thank you.

Dave Miers said...

bummer to hear.

keep trusting in Jesus.