Sunday, 4 January 2009

Just another day of your fellow pilgrim

I was particularly unhappy with the way I dealt with people today. I was edgy, constantly annoyed, and words from my mouth weren't gracious at all. Not many would have noticed, I suspect, but some might have. Even if no one had noticed, God knows what went through my mind and my attitude. I was easily irritated, I dealt unfairly to some, and I didn't love those around me at all.
Today's sermon was in fact about the marks of true Christians; love must be genuine and show itself. I failed at it miserably, why, I even used that message in some of the conversations I had in an attempt to make others feel bad about themselves in hope that they would apologise to me!
A sucky day, really. While I am somewhat annoyed at some of the things or people still, and I feel bad. And all this, I sense, is trying to drag me down into a dark night. Satan is accusing me again.

But I cry and appeal to my King, who is the Judge, to pronounce "not-guilty". I bring my sinful day before Him who judges justly and ask Him to forgive me. Oh, and I know He does, for Jesus' sacrifice was sufficient to cover my day. So I tell myself, "oh, rejoice, my soul, for the King has forgiven me, Christ has paid my debt. Rejoice!"

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