Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Euthansia, death, life, and the author of life

While some secular thinkers debate the moral and ethical legitimacy of euthanasia in favour of legalisation of euthanasia, forcing the biblically faithful thinkers to defend life and challenge secular man-centred thoughts, a man who was thought to be dead beyond revival comes back alive just before his organs were about to be removed for donation. He is now talking and walking.

Science continues to do its best, namely, proving to ourselves how little we really know about things that we (or at least some) think we've nailed down. In the meantime, God has spoken on these matters clearly, and His Spirit continues to convict people as to recognise Jesus as the author of life, and God as the only one who has the authority over life and death at His pleasure and good and gracious will.

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