Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Reading the Bible

Warning: This is a personal rant as I continue to struggle with keeping the balance of giving words of encouragement and rebuke to brothers and sisters in Christ, while trying to expand my own understanding of God at the same time.

A friend of mine told me: The Bible is not meant only for scholars, but it's also for people like us. If you just take it as what it is, if you just read it literally, it's simple and easy to understand. Don't over-complicate it, and also, don't you believe in God? Ask, if you don't understand some parts, He will reveal it to you, and at the same time, don't forget that we will never understand God fully.

I know what you are saying. Really, I do. And I totally agree with at least some bits of what you said. But don't think I am trying to make the Bible more complicated that it actually is. I'm simply trying to understand it, and it isn't always easy as you say because not all parts are to be taken literally, and God doesn't simply give me a crystal clear answer when I pray about it. And you accuse me of over-complicating the Bible, but don't you think you are at the risk of trivialising the Scriptures if you really meant what you said? Or, maybe you didn't know what kind of implications it brought when you said it. I'm fine with misunderstandings and misconceptions here and there as a young believer, but shouldn't we be striving to know God more and more? Don't tell me I'm just talking about "head-knowledge" because I'm absolutely not. If you do, I'll tell you that you are "empty-headed" even though you clearly aren't. Yikes!

So my struggle continues...