Sunday, 24 February 2008

Coming home

With that kind of title, I think I should write something insightful, inspiring, and heart-warming. My apologies if you expected such a thing too. Maybe one day I will be able to write one, at the moment, I just feel that I am not ready to tackle such a theme introduced by the title like 'coming home'. But maybe one day...

For now, I just have a couple of photos I wanted to post. They are taken using my phone camera again just like before. They were taken on my way home after work, hence the title.
Here you are, let me know if you like them.

At the Meadowbank station:

Started moving again:

Update (24-Feb-2008): I just realised that this post may turn out very ugly for RSS/Atom feed subscribers. Sorry about that. I need to learn more.

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