Sunday, 14 February 2016

Calvin's Institutes. Book II, Chapter 15

This is the post #31 of the Calvin's Institutes summary series.

It is important to recognise the three offices Jesus bears, Prophet, King, and Priest. As all three offices in the OT involved anointing with oil, it is appropriate that Jesus's title is Christ, the anointed one. Jesus brought the full and final message from God as the Prophet. Jesus as King rules eternally. Jesus as the Priest offered one perfect and final sacrifice, that is, Himself. Believers can be assured of their salvation and eternal security as they see the three offices. Because Jesus as the Prophet, brought the final and full revelation from God, we can be sure that we know who God is and what He demands of us. Because Jesus as King rules eternally over all things, we can be sure that He will not lose any of His people, no matter how madly the devil works against us. Because Jesus as the Priest offered the once-for-all sacrifice, completely satisfying God's wrath, believers can be sure that we will not fall under God's condemnation. One important note when thinking about Jesus as King is that He is rule before His return is not culminated. He rules primarily in spiritual terms, which means we, as His subjects, are not exempt from hardship of life. Even though He loves us and cares for us, we must expect to live a difficult life until He calls us home or He returns to bring the new heaven and earth.


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