Friday, 3 October 2008

Ok, guys, you would do well to follow this up.

Mark Driscoll is writing a book about porns and masturbation, "Porn Again Christian." The first chapter just became available, you can read it here.
From the book:
And, we must refuse to speak in sanitized clinical euphemisms like calling adulteries “affairs,” fornication “dating,” and perverts “partners” because God uses frank words for deplorable sin so we will feel its sickness without anesthesia.

NOTE: Mark is writing this book specifically for guys only, and as it may contain some materials that may stumble sisters, he recommends that sisters to refrain from reading this book.

[Update: Steve let me know that this book is specifically targeted for guys, and asked that, unless in a special circumstance, only brothers to read this book. I've updated this post accordingly. - 3-Oct-2008 3:15 PM]


Steve Carlisle said...

Hey there

Just to let you know, in the intro to the ebook, Mark asks that it does not be shown to the sisters, but only under certain circumstances. The language is male-centric, and could cause the sisters to stumble, and as such, he has asked carefully in this regard in the intro

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

Thank you, Steve, for letting me know. I wasn't aware of that. I am wondering, however, how it will be possible to keep the book from the curious sisters if it is going to be freely available on the internet.
I won't promote this book among sisters, and let Mark's intention known.
I trust Mark would know that whatever comes on the internet isn't going to be hidden from anyone for long, especially if it's going to be an honest and frank discussion about sex-related issues.

Steve Carlisle said...

Agreed, but while in my own hands, I can only do the best I can.

The same applies in a bookshop, it cant be restricted there either.

I guess it is up to people like ourselves to show love to them and promote it in the way you have mentioned.

Glad the camp was good brother!!

Jay said...

I know that the Christians who helped convince me that homosexuality was wrong didn't call me a pervert. The Christians who called me a pervert were the ones I hated and who didn't show Christ's love to me at all. If you look at articles and books written by Exodus International, the foremost ministry that witnesses to people struggling with homosexuality, they don't call people perverts, either. In fact, I remember a blog post by Randy Thomas, their VP, in which he specifically said that that kind of language isn't helpful. I agree we should call sin, sin, but the term "pervert" dehumanizes people, and that doesn't help win them to Christ, which should be the goal.