Monday, 8 September 2008

Reality Check: Jesus, the Eternal King

Think for a moment.
If indeed Jesus is the eternal victorious King of the universe as the Bible tells us, then there's really only one of the two choices for all of us.
Either you surrender to Him and live under His rule happily, OR you rebel against Him and be crushed by Him.
There's no middle ground.
You are either in His Kingdom, or Satan's Kingdom.
You are either His joyful servant, or His miserable enemy.
Ultimately, as a friend of mine wisely pointed out, there's only one way to live, and the other way is to die.

Now, there would be plenty of people who don't think this is a serious issue they need to face, because they do not believe Jesus is King.
Here's the problem for those of you in this camp. Whether you believe Jesus is the King or not, does not affect the reality of Him being the King (or not). What really matters is whether Jesus really is the King or not.
To say that whatever you believe is the reality for you is as foolish as saying that Gandhi didn't exist in history because I don't believe that He existed.
So, what you want to do, or rather, need to, is to investigate thoroughly whether this Man who claimed to be God was telling the truth.

Listen to Keller's talk if you find God too hard to believe.

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