Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Personal reflections: God who is above and beyond another god called Me

Sometimes comforting words of my friends are not exactly what I need to hear. And I do not express what I think at times either because I couldn't articulate it at the time, or because I didn't think it was wise to dwell on the differences at the time. But here's what I really want to say about what some of my well-meaning friends told me yesterday. Sorry for not explaining the whole context, though.

I'm sorry, but my God is greater than that. It is true that He is all satisfying and comforting, yes, He is no less than that. But He is so much more than that. He will not simply bend His will for my puny, selfish desires, but He will bend my will to express and proclaim His glory. He will transform my worldly desire and make it a heavenly one, even if that may mean that I will suffer pain and discomfort. When God promised that He will be our comforter, He did not mean that He will always make me feel comfy and easy. The Bible testifies so, the history of the church testifies so, and the story of Christians around the world testifies so. And I love my God whose will is stronger than mine. I love my God who overrides my self-obsessed prayers.

Oh, may He keep me humble and holy.

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