Sunday, 2 March 2008

Symbolism is powerful, so use it carefully - a short comment on the new US Navy ship, USS New York

Firstly, if you have suffered in anyway for the 911 New York terror, I apologise for any offense you may take from this short post, but please know that none were intended. I also think it was a terrible thing that happened, and I am sorry.

I guess this was too good an opportunity to raise the spirits of many Americans, but did they really have to do it? I mean, sure, encourage and help them, but I didn't think it really required this kind of symbolism working in reality.
Using the steel recovered from the ground zero (the place where the Twin Tower used to stand) to build a Navy ship.
Using the name of the city, New York
And it might be just me, but this ship even has a kind of 'twin-tower'!

I just had to cringe, sorry, it's just not my thing! (plus diversion "subtly" working through this whole thing... hmmm)

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