Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Book Review: A Biblical Case For An Old Earth

I've finished reading "A Biblical Case For An Old Earth" by David Snoke. Here's my review.
Well presented case for an old earth view.

In this readable book, Dr. Snoke presents enough of both scientific and biblical evidence to build his case, while mainly using biblical texts to build his case. He also understands the theological implications of different views on the matter, not only of his own view.
While he powerfully builds his case (for a "day-age" model of old earth), he remains humble enough not to dismiss others with a patronizing tone as some other people in this field do. He tried to present the evidence and implications for an old earth view with integrity and honesty without causing unnecessary quarrellings.

To me, this book contains the most convincing arguments I have read so far regarding this subject, and I am persuaded in many ways.

Thank you Dr. Snoke for your humble yet persuasive work.
Original post at Shelfari. I gave it 5 stars. You can get it from Koorong, or from Amazon.

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