Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My God is calling me to a life-long adventure.

I see this adventure ahead of me. It is a long journey interlaced with both pain and joy, often in that order. I can see that the path will bring confusion at times, and will bring grief certainly. But I then see that the path is also narrow and straight, and I hear my Lord's clear voice. He will lead me, He will guard me. He will provide, He will change me. He will keep me and love me, and He will get all glory from and through me.

I don't know what my Lord is going to do to me, but I know He will do it because He loves me. I only ask Him to take charge of me and claim me as His. I love to, I yearn to see His immense power and grace propelling me to Himself that my unworthy mouth be silenced and that I may simply bow down before Him and worship.

O may the glorious King rule forever and ever!


john said...

let the adventure begin (if it hasn't already).

daniel said...

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Lloyd said...

It is such a blessing to see someone on fire for our Lord Jesus. God bless, Lloyd