Tuesday, 17 June 2008

"Amazing" is probably a better word, but still...

As I often do, I made a bigger deal out of somebody else's passing comment.
Here's what I said:
This post was quite random, Gordon, but I think I understand what you are trying to say. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think when we tell ourselves (let alone the young ones), that we need to be excited and stimulated by the sudden and the unexpected, we will only grow to be rather shallower and shallower. Am I reading into your simple comment too much?

However, I wouldn't be so sure and quick to say that God is so predictable (I am referring to John's comment above now, more specifically the line: "The fact that God should pour his love onto an undeserving sinner like me is exactly what I expected.") I think when a person understands the Gospel for the first time, it always captures him by surprise, that a holy God, as He truly is, should look upon a sinner like me, and have mercy and offer forgiveness in Christ.
We may say that after becoming a Christian, and after living and learning as a Christian for a while, that "it is such a God-thing to love an undeserving sinner and forgive him" since we now understand so much more about God's character. But I think it pays to check ourselves whether we, as "seasoned Christians" are still amazed, if not surprised, by the fact that the Lord of lords should have died for sinners such as us.

Now, I might have stretched the meaning of the word, surprise and amazement and blurred the boundary a little here, and if you are annoyed by that, I apologise. But I really think, that an element of surprise is still there as you walk and stumble as a Christian and experience His goodness and grace over and over again.

Read the whole thing (including comments) in context.

[Update: oops, fixed the typo in the title.)

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