Sunday, 16 March 2008

My Man, Luther, you are da man!

Read this radical example about love and marriage demonstrated by this couple.

To get you interested, here are a couple of lines from Luther expressing his "love" for Katherine.
"If I can manage it, before I die I will still marry my Katie to spite the devil."
"I feel neither passionate love nor burning for my spouse, but I cherish her."

It turns out, though, Katherine was a perfectly suitable helper indicated by this incident.
Both of them took God seriously; and both knew how to correct the other when one of them was ignoring God and taking life too seriously. One day Luther was depressed and despairing. So Katie decided to put on a black dress for the day. Luther asked, "Are you going to a funeral?" "No," she responded, "but since you act as though God is dead, I wanted to join you in the mourning!" Exactly what Luther needed to hear.
Hope that got you interested in the article enough. Go and read the whole thing and think about it.

Thank you for the article Mr. Taylor! :-)

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