Saturday, 29 March 2008

I sswear to drrunk, I'm NOT God!

I read a blog post of a friend the other day. Apparently her friend, under the influence of alcohol, uttered a profound statement.
'I sswear to drrunk, I'm NOT God!'

At the first glance, it was funny.
Then it came across as ironic and even profound.

It is obvious what he was trying to say: "I swear to God, I'm not drunk!" While common, it is a silly thing to say. You are clearly drunk, yet you are denying it. It is silly because nobody's going to believe you, and it is a little more than just silly because you are making a false statement. You are swearing to God (at least that was the intention), which on its own a very serious matter and shouldn't be done lightly as to blaspheme His name, yet you are doing that over a trivial fact, whether you are drunk or not. Much more seriously, since you are drunk, you are already blaspheming His name by using His name for a falsehood.
However, the alcohol brought a bitter sweet effect of its own. He mistakenly said 'I swear to (the) drunk, I'm NOT God!' By that, he admitted he wasn't God and he was adamant about it that he even swore to a drunk (possibly another drunk guy next to him or not). Only under the influence of alcohol was he able to make a truthful statement about himself. Tragic.

Now, if this post did not make any sense, I'm sorry, I feel as though I failed miserably with this one.

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