Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Learning (to cope with) Ubuntu (quirks)

This is possibly not a Ubuntu issue, but the Open Office, but it was just weirdly funny.
I was just writing down some thoughts I had, using Open Office Writer. And after a bit of writing, I was going to save it as a draft, and huh? I realised the application was all in Greek fonts!
I took a screenshot of it:

A close up:

I must have fiddled with some settings somewhere, but I sure didn't intend to! Now I have to find a way to revert the change... hmm...

But... I'm wondering... is this a sign from God that I should hurry up and go to a Bible College? eh... probs not. ;-)

By the way, I recommend the Open Office Writer which is able to read MS Word documents and write in that format too. I just did that for my church related stuff before it was infected with Greek fonts. ... oh, did I mention that Open Office is free?


Alejandro said...

starting up on your ubuntu desktop, choose System > Preferences > Appearance > Fonts
Then change the top font (Application Font) from Std. Symbols to the font of your preference.

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

thanks for the tip!