Thursday, 17 January 2008

Bible believers persecuted

It hurts when people accuse and label you as someone you are not, and when it is about something really precious and dear to us, like our hopes and dreams, or relationships, it really hurts. For us Christians, few would hurt more than to be attacked and labelled as someone who does not have the "right" kind of faith.

Tim Challies over at the Challies Dot Com and Michael Spencer over at the Internet Monk, they both seem to have had a tough day for this kind of reason.

It's ironic, though, that while Tim Challies is being labelled as a fundamentalist in a very negative sense, Michael Spencer is being accused as a non-Bible believing apostate, when in my mind, they both are dear brothers in Christ and sons of God.

I started reading their blogs not long ago, but soon I found both of them as exemplary Christians. I did feel that Michael fared near dangerous borders at times, but I found him to be an honest follower of Jesus. Tim also showed his character (albeit only through his articles, and online at that) be moulded and being moulded after our Lord.

It is a sad reality of our sins disrupting the love and unity among Christians...

Well, both of you, I hope when you wake up tomorrow, you'll be filled with new joy in Him who loves regardless of all of our short-comings, so you may continue to know, love, and serve Him.

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