Sunday, 3 January 2016

In veneration, you are already ensnared in some superstition.

"Now it appears that men do not rush forth into the cult of images before they have been imbued with some opinion too crass–not indeed that they regard them as gods, but because they imagine that some power of divinity dwells there. Therefore, when you prostrate yourself in veneration, representing to yourself in an image either a god or a creature, you are already ensnared in some superstition. [...] Men are so stupid that they fasten God wherever they fashion him; and hence they cannot but adore. And there is no difference whether they simply worship an idol, or God in the idol. It is always idolatry when divine honors are bestowed upon an idol, under whatever pretext this is done. And because it does not please God to be worshipped superstitiously, whatever is conferred upon the idol is snatched away from Him."
  -- Calvin, Institutes 1. xi.

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