Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Lines I like from 'Out of the Silent Planet'

'What are you so afraid of, Ransom of Thulcandra?' [Oyarsa of Malacandra] said. - p.152

Men are fearful beings until they come to know and trust Lord Jesus Christ. But not many of them know the reason for their fear or even the fact that they are fearful.

We think that Meleldil would not give it up utterly to the Bent One, and there are stories among us that He has taken strange counsel and dared terrible things, wrestling with the Bent One in Thulcandra. But of this we know less than you; it is a thing we desire to look into. - p.154
I wish to hear of Thulcandra and of Meleldil's strange wars there with the Bent One; for that, as I have said, is a thing we desire to look into. -p.156
[After Ransom answered the question above from Oyarsa] 'You have shown me more wonders than are known in the whole of heaven.' -p.182

Indeed the deeds, love, grace of Lord Jesus is more wonderful than anything else, everything else altogether in this whole universe. I love the way it is described and praised here.

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