Sunday, 25 January 2009

Tiny book review: Seeing and Savouring Jesus Christ

I'm actually doing a small group study using a material with the same title, Seeing and Savouring Jesus Christ. Reading this book was not a difficult task, but I do feel that I have rushed it a little. It might have been better if I read it slower, like reading Knowing God, but I wanted to push through reading the book even though I have not finished with the small group study yet. Perhaps that cost me. I don't think I benefited from this book as much as I hoped. Strangely, the words and sentences in this book came to me without the usual persuasive and convicting force like when I hear John Piper preaching. In the small group study material, a DVD comes with it, and when I hear Piper preaching and teaching in it, I was greatly helped and encouraged. But not this book.
Having said that, I would still recommend this book for new Christians since it handles various aspects and qualities of Jesus that makes Him glorious. I would also recommend it to seasoned Christians for it is good to be reminded of these things about our Lord. I would even recommend this book to non-Christians since the book in fact has an evangelistic edge to it (it even includes a section at the end specifically aimed at a non-Christian).

You can get this book from Koorong or Amazon.

(3 down, 21 to go.)

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