Friday, 2 January 2009

My ambitious reading plan for year 2009

I've come up with a reading plan. I made groups of books (usually three) so that each group will have one heavy or long reading, one medium, and one light or short reading. That's all my estimation hence you may disagree on how they are categorised. I just needed a way to organise them according to my interest and ability. So, without any further introduction, here you are.

Group 1)
According to Plan
Knowing God
Seeing and Savouring Jesus Christ
Group 2)
Religious Affections
The Doctrines of Grace
True Blue?
Group 3)
Desiring God
Everything you want to know about Jesus
가난한…/애통하는 자는 복이 있나니
Group 4)
Goldsworthy Trilogy: Gospel and Kingdom
Respectable Sins
The Supremacy of Christ in a Post-modern World
Group 5)
Church History in Plain Language
Life At Its Best: The Quest
Living The Cross Centered Life
Group 6)
Know the Truth
링컨/울어야 산다
Group 7)
The Reason for God
What's so amazing about grace?
Elders in Congregational Life
Group 8)
Sophie's World
When I don't desire God

I think it's a fairly well-thoughtout plan that I can come up with. I tried to make these groups as balanced as possible. I considered the authors and tried not to have one particular author bunched up in one group. I also tried to have at least one "pastoral" book that will minister to myself in each group. I included a couple of secular books. I made sure I included different topics in the reading plan, eg. Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, biographies, philosophy, General Christian living, etc.
Yet, my feelings are somewhat mixed. On the one hand, I fear that these are too great number of books that I am forcing myself to read. When I read English books, I'm not so fast, and most of these books are in English. I wonder if I should reduce the number of books to read so I aim at a more reasonably achievable goal. But on the other hand, I see that even if I succeed in reading all these books, I still have so many books unread in my possession, and there are many others that I wish to read. I really have been overestimating my reading capacity for the past couple of years it seems.

I have been reading the first four books for a while already (and that's the only reason why 'Knowing God' by J.I. Packer is classed as a Medium reading. Otherwise, it's definitely a Heavy reading), so they shouldn't be too hard to finish off.

I have a few more books that I put into this kind of grouping system that aren't listed above. If I succeed in reading all of above, I will continue on with that, perhaps with some modifications it.

Watch me how I progress!

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