Monday, 9 June 2008

What kind of action is God calling me to?

Gordon posted Andrew Moody's comment about the recent female bishop issue in Melbourne. All I need to say about that issue is that I agree with Gordon and Andrew. I am a complementarian if you like to label me. But what really challenged me from his post was the following lines.

Okay lookee here. It's not for me or Gordo or anyone to say that YOU, yes YOU are a coward for not getting up and having a go. Clearly not everyone needs to get up and fight every battle (Tim's point), and not everyone needs to make synodical (okay, I think I just made that word up) activism their top priority (your point, Jason). But here's the general observation – when nobody makes a stand shouldn't someone feel guilty? Is God really calling everybody to be Obadiah and nobody to be Elijah? Or Daniel? Or Phinehas (okay too graphic)?

I often resort to quietly sighing by myself and maybe just putting up a sad face when I hear a unbiblical preaching or see ungodliness eg. actions of bigotry in Christian ministry as my way of stomaching unfaithfulness in my church. Many times, even when I felt the urge to speak up, when I was faced with the person(s) involved, I was not able to speak up what I thought was necessary and just avoided the awkward confrontation with manufactured smiles.
I mean, it isn't that no one is speaking up in my church when something isn't right. Thankfully, there are many faithful people who are more capable and trust-worthy than myself who, in fact, speak up when necessary. But it isn't always the case, and I think I shy away from such confrontations too often when I am presented with one.

Oh, when ever will I have guts to tell my brothers with all seriousness and sincerity that they've got to break their stiff necks humble themselves and pray, and have a heart of flesh that can love others? Oh, when ever will I have such conviction to tell my sisters with all my passion and boldness that they have to fill up their heads with more solid spiritual food in order to stop thinking of God lightly nor they should pursue the power to control their brothers in Christ?

The biggest stumbling block is, however, I myself am the first one to hear this and take action accordingly. What a hypocrite I am, what shall I do?

Update: The quoted words above were Andrew Moody's, not Gordon's, and this post is modified accordingly. Thank you for letting me know, Gordon!

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