Monday, 23 June 2008

Christianity 'could die out within a century': I think I heard that line before...

The UK Telegraph reported:
More than half of Britons think Christianity is likely to have disappeared from the country within a century, according to a survey.

That should not surprise us, Christians really. If anything, the real, Gospel believing Christianity is meant to be scorned at and disliked, or even down-right hated by people, until the Holy Spirit awakens them from their deadness. Only when they are moved by God, who makes them see the wretchedness of themselves and be terrified by the coming wrath of God and behold Christ and the saving Grace in Him, only then, they will throw themselves at Jesus, holding on to His promises and have faith in Him, forsaking their old ways.
Oh, in His grace, may God bring up more of the authentic, sacrificial, and powerful Christians in a generation where such a thing is least expected, just like He has done in the past numerous times.

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