Friday, 30 May 2008

Returned to my (temporary) home in Sydney

My 38-day long trip has ended as of yesterday.
I came home yesterday. I missed Sydney from the day one of my trip, and it's good to be back. I just wonder how good and wonderful it would be when I finally, by God's grace, reached my permanent home in Heaven. It simply isn't imaginable, let alone describing in mere words.

Anyways, as I find my groove back in Sydney, I will slowly start to blog regularly. It was more difficult to blog while traveling I found, and I need to get into the habit of thinking laterally and logically about things around me. It'll take some time I predict, so if my blog isn't updated as regularly, please be patient with me (although.. it's not like I have great many number of people reading this blog anyways, and those who do would know me enough to give me this much slack that I need. ;-) Oh, by the way, my laptop's broken at the moment unfortunately, and this may impact how soon and often I will blog.

Again, good to be back, good to be with you, friends.


Sharon said...

How did it get broken?!

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

Woo, you are stalking me again.
Well, it just broke itself. I didn't drop it, didn't spill water on it, didn't do anything wrong. The motherboard, or the graphics card just died on me.

Good news is that it's fixed now. Yay