Friday, 16 May 2008

Bits and pieces (with some extras) - 15-May-2008

It's a bit hard to blog while I'm traveling as I discovered recently. Contrast to my initial thinking, it seems as though I have less time to think for myself as I travel. I think I'm too busy seeing things, trying to emerse myself in a different culture. It's not bad, I just hope I won't forget all these new things that I am experiencing so I will be able to think through these and blog about them later.

In the mean time, you can still visit what I read and think about by going to my shared items or looking at the "noteworthy" section on the right of this blog.

Also, I'll try to post "bits and pieces" whenever I see something I really want you to read while I'm traveling.

Here are some of those articles I *really* want you to read. ;-)
Incidently they are all to do with prayer or closely related with it.

1) Dangerous Prayers - Yes, I do have such moments. I acknowledge that what you have said is true, and I shall do my utmost to pray such prayers and not shrink back from it.
2) Loving Jesus like his Father does - Oh, and I want to love Jesus more. I will pray this prayer.
3) Never too late to change - Let us be never become too old for God's transforming grace.

Will you pray with me?


Rebs said...


Rebs said...

p.s. hooray for my first comment since i started stalking your blog...

p.p.s. my prayers are as parched as ever. sigh.

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

nice to hear your say on my blog, even though they may be brief. keep them coming, rebs!