Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Depression linked to Alzheimer's later in life

Just one more reason to be more depressed for the depressed.
From the news:
People who have had depression may be more prone to Alzheimer's disease, two studies suggest.
Dutch researchers found Alzheimer's was 2.5 times more likely in people with a history of depression.
The findings were echoed in a second study by Rush University in the US published in Archives of General Psychiatry.
The researchers followed more than 900 members of the Catholic clergy for up to 13 years during which time 190 developed Alzheimer's.
They found that those with more signs of depression at the start of the study were more likely to develop Alzheimer's.


Sharon said...

Doesn't sound too good for you.

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

eh... thanks for the sympathy.

Sharon said...


No problem. That's why I'm here.