Sunday, 14 December 2008

Young drivers

Traffic police have taken a swipe at reckless young drivers after arresting one clocked at 237km/h in Sydney's west.
Police allege a 27-year-old driver sped away when officers tried to pull him over on the Hume Highway near Ingleburn about 2am (AEDT) on Sunday.
His licence was confiscated and he's due to appear in Liverpool Local Court on January 15, 2009.
"I'm disappointed that the safe driving message isn't getting through to some young drivers and they are of the mistaken belief that they can drive at high speed without getting caught," Traffic Services Commander, Chief Superintendent John Hartley, said in the statement.

Says the SMH.

So apparently, this 27 year old driver is classified as a "young driver". Plus, this connects with a dangerous and reckless driving by young people. The details are sketchy, but to me, it seems that it was more of a car chase that took place than a simple case of dangerous driving. Isn't it unfair to use this incident as a basis for saying that the safe driving message isn't getting through to some young drivers? Is it a safe driving matter, or is it a matter of running away from the police? Is it a young driver issue, or is it an issue of refusing to cooperate with police?
I'm ok with calling a 27 year old a young person. Why, I'm 29 and I consider myself young. But I think they (whether the SMH or the police) are making a deliberate and unfair connection between this 27 year old case with other younger drivers, as young as teenager drivers. Why? Who knows, to increase the age limit for higher insurance premium? To double up the L-plater hours?

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