Monday, 20 October 2008

What I'm up to

While it is highly unlikely that anyone would be wondering why I am not updating this space, I thought I should leave a short note here, so to counter any anxious waitings from anyone.

For the next few weeks, my postings here will be sporatic, due to, but not limited to,
1) Sermon preparation: it's going to take up most of my after-work time, or at least it should be. Oh, and please pray for me.
2) Reading: I have been laying-off some books that I should've read a while ago. They include Getting the Gospel Right, The Religious Affections, Never Beyond Hope, etc.
3) Finish watching the dvd, Battling Unbelief. This is excellent. I highly recommend this to everyone.

and some more.

I hope to be able to blog again sometime soon.

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