Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Inerrancy that I can agree to

I always appreciate how Michael Patton (over at the Parchment and Pen, blog of the Reclaiming the Mind Ministry) is open to both sharing his own conviction and hearing other's views.
He recently wrote "My Definite Stance on Inerrancy". From the post:
One last thing: ipsissima verba vs. ipsissima vox

Scholars refer to these issues by referring to the difference between ipsissima verba (the very words) and ipsissima vox (the very voice). Did the writers record the very words of Christ or the spirit of truth that his words represent? I would say any inductive approach to arriving at a hermeneutical method demands the latter. Only if we deductively deduce that our theology of inspiration demands a strict level of preciseness within Scripture in order to be true, will we adopt the former. I believe that I have demonstrated that this is not only all-together unnecessary and naive, but misleading and dangerous.

I am unable to articulate as well as he does, but the stance he takes is where I stand regarding the Inerrancy of the Scriptures.

Go and read this important post.

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