Thursday, 8 May 2008

Arrived in the USA

I am now in St. Louis where my sister lives. It's 1:35pm here, and it's very quiet. Apart from occasional noise from the car outside, which is amplified because of the rain by the way, I hear nothing. This area where my sister lives is much queiter than I expected.

Anyways, here's what I wrote and wanted to post before while I was at the LA International airport, but only now am able to.

Los Angeles, California
6th May 2008, 11:20am Localtime
I've landed on the American soil for the first time in my life.
This LA International Airport looks kinda shabby, compared to other airports that I have been to, namely, Sydney and Incheon (Seoul). Interms of size, this place seems huge, but possibly because this is built quite a while ago, everything seems a bit old.
Anyway, that's not that important. I am just a little bit nervous. Even though I can speak English, it's my first time in the States, and with all these security checks, and all the things I've heard on the news and watched on the movies, it seems like a dangerous place. It probably isn't as bad as I imagine right now. I mean, as I look around, there are people, kids, families, girls, old gentleman-looking guys, and no one seems to be alert and alarmed. They are all doing "normal" things that people do, it seems. Maybe it's just that I am in a foreign place that I've never been to before, rather than what I'm actually seeing here at the moment.

I just wanna get to St. Louis as soon as possible and meet up with my sister. Wanna get to her house and rest a bit. It's early morning in Korea/Sydney where I am from. I'm feeling the jet lag for the first time as well. Oh, I just realised, I did not bring my sister's phone number. Dang... If I get lost, I won't be able to contact her. And my flight is delayed one hour too. She'd better find me well. hmm...

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Jiyeon said...

I read this after you left. hmmm
already miss you so much!