Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Vista Service Pack 1 arriving soon

Arstechnica reports:
[Windows Vista Service Pack 1] will address many of the issues bugging users since the release of Vista. Microsoft says it includes more than 300 hot fixes covering everything from data protection to video performance. In particular, copying and moving files should be up to 50 percent faster, and waking a Vista PC from sleep should be much faster.

Up to 50% faster copying and moving files? I thought it would improve more than that. To think that I'll still be waiting for more than 5 minutes copying ~200Mb of files... hmmm...
Aye, how easy it is to complain and blame than to count the blessings and thank God, perhaps, especially when it comes to technology.

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Sharon said...

Okayy...you try it out, and then tell me if it's worth it to get it. And if you don't have to run that security check thing every time you go to a different program or web page.