Friday, 11 December 2015

Reading Calvin's Institutes

The time has come. I am required to read Calvin's Institutes in order to proceed to the second year at Moore Theological College. I only need to read the book I and book II (there are four books altogether), but that's still around 550 pages to get through. I'm sure it'll do me good, but I need some motivation time to time. Also, I hope to gain and retain as much as possible from this reading. So, I will try to summarise each chapter in the following posts. I don't know how long or short each summary will be, but I will try to make them as short as I can manage. But these will be my summaries, and what I want to say explicitly here and now is that these must not be taken as a "right" or "correct" summaries. Inevitably, I will misunderstand and I will mis-express time to time, but hopefully not too much and not too often. At the very least, I hope this will be of some use to others who have read or undertaking reading the Institutes.

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