Friday, 24 September 2010

A battle for clear conscience

I used to think that when I am presented with various competing options for action, I could easily make use of my conscience. Although I maintained that the conscience must first be "educated", or trained in godliness, it was more a matter of using this conscience or not in deciding what to do. Or so it seemed...

I'm coming to realise that it isn't so easy or simple to discern whether I am really using God-given conscience, or only still being deceived by some other vices of my sinful nature.

A question I now must ask myself frequently is:
Am I doing this to keep up my reputation before people so I won't be haunted in my mind by the imaginary or real accusations from them?
OR am I doing this knowing that God approves my course of action and since my reason for action is God, I can face people's accusations or even praises with no resentment or pride within my heart?

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