Sunday, 12 April 2009

It's Easter Sunday! Resurrection!


In Jesus, God was satisfied. So Jesus lives again!
Because of Jesus's perfect obedience and sacrifice, God is no longer angry with His people.
God is no longer angry with me, no more angry at me. Jesus completed my salvation. When God looks at me, there is only the everlasting love and good will towards me.
How can this be?
The perfect King died the death of the worst rebel.
The holy Son of God was counted as the filthiest and the ugliest sinner.
And God's righteousness was upheld and vindicated.
God's justice and mercy weaved such a mystery.
Oh, how rich is His mercy? How great is His grace?

So come, repent and believe in Him.
Trust in Jesus Christ, the triumphant King over all.
He will return and receive all who loves Him.

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