Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter weekend ahead. Do you love Jesus?


It's not about chocolates.
It's not about Easter bunnys or the chocolate eggs.
It's not about having great meals together with family and friends.
It's not about you tyring to help other people on this occasion.
It's not even about feeling sorry for the guy called Jesus who died.

It's about God keeping His promise.
It's about God triumphing over sin and rebellion of people.
It's about God showing to the world His righteousness.
It's about God having immeasureable mercy.
It's about God being glorified and making His great name known to the whole universe.

Of course the world will tell you otherwise and make this day as trivial as eating sweets and making ourselves feel better.
No, it's much more than that.
It's about God and you must deal with Him.
Don't just tell me you believe in God.
Don't just tell me you believe in Jesus who saves.
Don't just tell me you believe in death and the ressurection of Jesus.
Sure you need to believe all that above, but in the end, believing about facts aren't enough. The real question is, "Do you love Jesus?"

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