Saturday, 14 March 2009

More on the Atonement

I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but somehow I forgot about it. Go over to Dave's blog to read the helpful words from Carson about the Atonement.
In the book, The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God, Carson writes:
I argue, then, that both Arminians and Calvinists should rightly affirm that Christ died for all, in the sense that Christ’s death was sufficient for all and that Scripture portrays God as inviting, commanding, and desiring the salvation of all, out of love (in the third sense developed in the first chapter). Further, all Christians ought also to confess that, in a slightly different sense, Christ Jesus, in the intent of God, died effectively for the elect alone, in line with the way the Bible speaks of God’s special selecting love for the elect (in the fourth sense developed in the first chapter).

If you are really interested about the extent of Jesus' Atonement, you really should read the whole book, or at least read the excerpt Dave posted.

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