Friday, 13 February 2009

Tiny Book Review: True Blue?

It took me longer than I intended initially, but I finished reading "True Blue? : on being Australian".
It's a collection of many short-articles, poems, even photos that depict the Australians. The diversity and inconclusiveness as to what exactly makes an Australian is probably the conclusion of the book. Australia as a nation is still young, with great majority of its people being recent migrants (within the last 200 years or so), this book about Australians is by and large a collection of conversations. Authors of short articles give differing views. You yourself may as well disagree with what you read on a page and then agree on the next page.
All in all, I found this book a wonderful collection of thoughts, opinions, humour, reflection, which deepened my understanding and appreciation of Australian culture. I highly recommend this book for my friends.

You can get your own copy from Allen & Unwin, the ABC shop, or Amazon.

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