Sunday, 11 January 2009

Next Generation 09 (formerly known as KYLC)

Back in year 2005, John Woodhouse, the Moore College principle, said in his last talk of that year's KYLC (Katoomba Youth Leadership Conference), "I am tempted to say that this is the most important thing happening in Sydney right now" (please let me know if I'm misquoting him here, I'm serving this from my memory alone) referring to the KYLC.

In Sydney (roughly speaking, Katoomba is a town in Blue Mountains which is right outside Sydney for those unfamiliar with our area), there are many Christian conferences run each year. Of course they target different group of people with different emphasis or goals. But I think KYLC is one of the most important conferences we have yearly because of two reasons.
1) The conference not only offers a series (actually two, one from the NT, the other form the OT) of biblical preaching, it also aims to train the participants to learn the proper way of understanding the bible, eg. looking at a text in its context, applying biblical theology, etc.
2) The conference targets the younger or next generation in that they aim to train the leaders of younger people in the bible and sound doctrine so that we may pass on the gospel to the next generation faithfully.

It runs for 5 days, and most of the participants are aged 18 - 30, but mostly in their early 20's. While the majority of their peers would soak themselves in the worldly pleasures and be lost in the world's deception, these young people are being taught in the truth.

This conference will be running for this week and the next, so please pray that God's truth will penetrate the participants mind and hearts that these young people will be faithful agents of God as they return from the conference.

Oh, and I will be attending it for the second time (which means I'll be doing the strand 2) this week with nine other youth leaders from our church. I won't be taking my laptop, so I will return to blogging at the end of this week.

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