Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Covenanters

I've always been fascinated by the brave Scots since the day I watched the movie "Braveheart", but as I learned a little bit more about the church history, and as I attend a Presbyterian church, my interest in Scottish church history grew even more.
So when I read about the Covenanters of the 17th century Scotland, I was impressed with their bold faithfulness to Christ.
I am faced with so many moments when I can fit in with everyone else by inaction and simply keeping my mouth shut. But, I want to be more brave when the time calls for it. When so many others keep on sending me a message with such questions like the one in the article, "Why didn't they just go to church?", when not many people see the danger I am trying to warn others about, when people tell me to just fit in and keep quiet by saying "why are you so argumentative?", I want to be faithful and be bold in my actions and words so I may be found faithful to the One who has been faithful all along.

(HT: Gordon Cheng)

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Chris Brauns said...

My mother's family were Covenanters - - We often heard those stories. Thanks for this post.

(And, take the Forgiveness Quiz! I have a map on the tool that collects the data that shows from whence respondents hail. It would be a delight to see a pin on Australia!)