Friday, 25 July 2008

The Religious Affections - 3: on Preaching

And the impressing divine things on the hearts and affections of men is evidently one great and main end of which God has ordained that His Word delivered in the holy Scriptures should be opened, applied, and set home upon men, in preaching. And therefore it does not answer the aim which God had in this institution, merely for men to have good commentaries and expositions on the Scripture, and other good books of divinity; because, although these may tend as well as preaching to give men a good doctrinal or speculative understanding of the things of the Word of God, yet they have not an equal tendency to impress them on men's hearts and affections. God hath appointed a particular and lively application of His Word to men in the preaching of it, as a fit means to affect sinners with the importance of the things of religion, and their own misery and necessity of a remedy, and the glory and sufficiency of a remedy provided; and to stir up the pure minds of the saints, and quicken their affections, by often bringing the great things of religion to their remembrance, and setting them before them in their proper colours, though they know them, and have been fully instructed in them already, 2 Peter 1:12-13.
- Jonathan Edwards, from The Religious Affections p.44-45

Preach the Word, the Apostle Paul beseeched Timothy.

(On a lighter note, these sentences were so long that they reminded me of the Apostle Paul.)

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