Thursday, 3 April 2008

James Fong Update - 03-Apr-2008

James Fong's xanga site is updated. He's still sick, and struggling to accept and adjust to the new lifestyle. Yet, he clearly loves God still and it shows in his continued zeal for evangelism. It strikes me how he manages to share the Gospel with a new person he meets (or at least lead the conversation towards it) almost each week. I must be really living a Christian bubble or I am ignoring all the opportunities around me.
Anyways, go and read his update, pray for them, be challenged by them, and live as a Gospel bearer.

By the way, James, or Janet, if you ever visit me here, you said:
One of the greatest blessings of being physically unwell and housebound is the fact that I can spend more time with Janet and the kids.

That is a great blessing for both you and your children although they are very young at the moment. I just wonder if you'll ever know how much I can relate to that.

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