Saturday, 2 February 2008

Life At Its Best - 11 on Obedience

A Christian who stays put is no better than a statue. A person who leaps about constantly is under suspicion of being not a man but a jumping jack. What we require is obedience - the strength to stand and the willingness to leap, and the sense to know when to do which. Which is exactly what we get when an accurate memory of God's ways is combined with a lively hope in his promises.
-- p. 150, Life At Its Best by Eugene Peterson

My paraphrase of/commentary on the last line above is the following:
You become discerningly obedient by reading the Bible as to find out and refresh our minds about what God has done, what God promised, how God deals with His people, what God demands of His people, and seeing all these goodness in Him and His work, have an active and decisive faith in God.

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