Friday, 15 February 2008

James Fong Update

James posted another update on his xanga.
Two prayer requests from him:
1) Please pray that an opportunity may arise to meet up with Daniel and that he may come to accept God's free gift of eternal life. (To find out more about who Daniel is, read his post on xanga)
2) Today, Friday Feb15th Janet started getting contractions 330am. [...]we would value your prayers for safe arrival of bub, but more importantly, that both bub and Jeremiah will grow up to love and serve God all the days of their lives.

Read the whole thing at his xanga page.

Bonus: A tip for evangelising to a muslim
I learnt from an evangelist to Muslims that it is important to not defend the Bible with apologetic answers, rather just indicate that you are offended since you consider the Bible to be the word of God. I found that after I told him that I was offended by his comments that the word of God is corrupt, he showed me more respect.

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