Thursday, 28 February 2008

Gospel: forgiveness, acceptance, repentance, faith... complicated? Well, what does the Bible say?

This is another MatthiasMedia related post.

A few days ago, I posted in response to Tim Challies' blog post titled, "Is forgiveness conditional or unconditional?" My response was a very short and brief one, mainly because I didn't know how to articulate my understanding of such themes as forgiveness and repentance clearly.

A week later, a CHN article caught my attention. It was not referring to Tim's post, in fact, it was totally unrelated as the CHN article was a response to the Newcastle bishop Brian Farran's public statement regarding GAFCON. Now, I don't really know about GAFCON, but that wasn't what interested me. The Wollongong bishop Sandy Grant's open letter included an explanation of the relationship between repentance and forgiveness/acceptance by God. It reminded me of the prior post by Tim, and I thought Grant's open letter was helpful, even though, it was too short and brief to satisfy me yet. But it wasn't intended as a thesis on the topic anyways.

Read it at The Briefing:Couldn't Help Noticing.

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