Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Being confident under cultural attacks on Christianity

This new movie, The Golden Compass, and Northern Lights, the novel by Pullman which the movie is based upon are gaining more and more attention in Christian circles. Some concerns are voiced as the story is intentionally atheistic and anti-Christian, but I am glad to see some confident responses to this "apparent" rise of atheism in today's culture.
Tony Payne notices:
Pullman's trilogy has already joined the honour roll of recent anti-Christian bestsellers (think The Da Vinci Code, The God Delusion and God is not Great). Personally, I think this trend is a promising development. It is much better to be attacked than ignored—to be on the agenda of public debate than to be marginalized.

Here's another good article regarding this movie/issue by Michael Spencer titled, I’m Not Afraid of Atheists (or Their Movie):
Atheism has a powerful appeal when Christians aren’t well taught, honest and engaged. Its message can be potent when you’ve lived like a rabbit instead of a watchman or a witness. Many of the Christians warning us of “Atheists Ahead!” may be afraid their own faith couldn’t survive reading Sam Harris’s book. Atheists make dozens of challenges to Christianity and Christians that are MUCH NEEDED and LONG OVERDUE for consideration in many Christian circles.

So... anybody want to go see the movie with me?

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